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Mark Kaplan, writer

Mark Kaplan

I have been blogging for over ten years on a variety of topics of interest to me. I blogged on my own websites and created followers in health (nutrition and fitness) spirituality, how workers survive automation, and surfing. I would call myself a life style writer.

My experience includes travel around the world, running 60 miles a week with track clubs, race car driver, helicopter skiing, mountain and road biking, public speaking, managing 90 person residential real estate offices, writing four books, and teaching surf instructions. I live at the beach in a minimalist life style and enjoy the bounty of the outdoors.

My daily routine is all about writing, exercising, cooking, reading, and socializing in the beach community. Writing books taught me the discipline of research and daily engagement. I like to write keyword posts and have graduated from the days Google liked 300 words to the current trend of writing 1,000 to 2,000 words.

Making Every Day Count

Extreme athletes take human potential to the limits and defy death in the process. They are artists in mastering human potential. We each can find the same capabilities without risking our mortality.  We have the tools to express who we are and make a contribution. In the face of change, humans have more important tasks than ones machines are replacing.

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Surfers Life

Surfers have learned to live life on their terms. “Surfing is a life coach. Learning the disciplines to improve surfing involves so many valuable habits and can create a perspective that can give our life the balance we seek”

Surfers use their connection to Nature to see the bigger picture. I tell my surf students I have four goals for their lesson. What if we had four goals set for us at the beginning of our lives:

  • Optimize our health
  • Learn all we can
  • Make a contribution
  • Enjoy our life


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Surf Instruction: Beginner to Advanced

This 80 page Illustrated eBook takes you from surf preparation to advanced ripping and shredding. As a surfer and surf instructor for 10 years teaching up to 400 students a year, I have a great feel for what new students need to learn. Living on the beach gives me the opportunity to enter the water most days. I have developed a connection with the ocean and with surfing that inspires me to help others do the same. Learning to surf is an experience of skills, fitness, discipline, dedication and courage. It can act as a model for everything we want to accomplish.

See an excerpt from Surf Instructions: Beginner to Advanced


The Guide

A quick introductory 17 page eGuide on beginner fundamentals. Whether or not you are taking lessons, the fundamentals remain the same. They are actually the same techniques you need to ride foam waves or 20 foot waves. Riding bigger waves requires advanced learning, but starting in the foam prepares you for the next steps.


12 Radical Ways to Change Your Life

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Creating the Life We Want

An expose on life style choices and how we choose our priorities

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Living a Life Without Anxiety

Excerpt From New Book to be Posted as a Series

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