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There is no reason to feel stuck in a rut. These 12 radical ways to change your life are all good for the soul. Change creates challenge and sparks the adrenaline. Change initiates creativity and may stimulate our happiness chemical dopamine. Change helps us bring some perspective toward our habits and can promote better health, higher productivity, fewer negative thoughts, and greater optimism. See if you agree after reading the list.

12 Radical Ways to Change Your Life

I will list the radical changes and then give a little explanation on the advantages of each.

  • Stop reading the news
  • Cut Out Sugar
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water
  • Exercise an hour a day
  • Start writing about your life
  • Stop eating cooked meat
  • Save money towards something
  • Read books and take courses
  • Make more friends
  • Find Your Spirituality
  • Schedule an hour of creativity a day
  • Learn and move constantly

Ok, that wasn’t so hard. No one reaches perfection on new changes right away. The idea is to view the value of the change and then decide how working toward it could make your life better.

The Advantages of Moving Toward These Changes

1> Stop reading the news

The news is depressing. It is designed to upset you. It is designed to take the emotional positivity you could enjoy and make you angry. Since I stopped reading the news, I am 90% less negative and have more productive time reading important information and “how to’s”. The internet is filled with interesting articles on how we can improve our skills and enjoy our lives. Let’s focus on the positive.

2> Cut Out Sugar

I wouldn’t expect anyone to cut out all sugar, but we consume more than we need. A raw diet guru I followed said he complied 80% of the time. Sugar in the form of high fructose, sucrose and so many other names on “ingredients” labels can dose us with more than we realize. The point is to focus on whole foods that are natural and not use “pick me up” foods to get through our day. The trip to Starbucks is our first rationalization of what we deserve to get through our day. Start with a healthy breakfast and then pick up black coffee or tea.

3> Drink Half Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water

If you weigh 200 pounds, that is 100 ounces of water. In Lyn-Genet Recitas’ book The Plan, she starts readers on non inflammatory food and drinking half their body weight in ounces of water. The body needs water to lose weight so that it doesn’t use its energy pulling water from the food we eat. I lost 17 pounds in three weeks and now find that I feel more energetic even if I don’t hit the exact target. Water creates energy and it sustains energy much better than every other pick me up we use (cigarettes, caffeine, and sugar).

4> Exercise an Hour a Day

Think about the time wasted in routines that add nothing to the quality of our lives. Most people are texting, web surfing, checking their phones, and watching TV several hours in a day. Think about having a better mood, more energy, better immunity, healthy appearance, more vitality, and greater longevity. Start with these goals and make keeping up on the newest second priority. Start with a little change and set a longer term goal. Schedule an hour of exercise and let all the other habits come second.

5> Start Writing About Your Life

This is a great way to think about where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. We may not have met our expectations yet, but that is the purpose of the future. We can think about whether our life is working for us or how we can make a bigger contribution. Now may be the time to start training, learning, saving or planning for the dream we want to experience. Write what you have dreamed about and begin your new strategy.

6> Read Books or Take Courses

There is hardly a topic not covered. Everyone that has become proficient or broken the code on something important wants to tell others how they did it. Books no longer cost $25 for the most part and can be read anywhere. Courses of “how to do” are often free. There are so many free newsletters, websites, and videos. ¬†Udemy is one online school of unlimited topics. Watch Ted talks to learn what others may have pioneered for you. Many authors feel we don’t see the value in books anymore so they offer courses. I opened up a whole world of information just by starting with Google.

7> Save Money Towards Something Special

Yes we are all conscious of saving money for a rainy day, a home, or the kids education. You only live once and you need to dream. Take a piece of your daily income and create a special fund. This helps you examine your priorities and maybe decide why you are here. Priorities can change all the time and deciding you want to do something special will start the juices flowing about how you CAN do it.

8> Stop Eating Cooked Meat

I don’t mean eating meat raw. I like to eat cold cuts and and cheese and mostly eat whole foods and vegetarian. Consider the forms of mean you eat, who prepares it, where does it come from, how is it raised, what is the quality and how is your body adjusting. It isn’t just about going green to protect the planet, its about treating animals right, not consuming things unnatural to your body, and learning how to maximize your energy with quality food. Most predators don’t cook their meat and they are looking for the greens their prey eats. If we want grain filled food, we can eat oat meal.

9> Make More Friends

You love your friends and family. We never have too much joy in our lives and meeting other people and exchanging experiences adds to our joy, sense of community, and feeling of belonging. It’s also very good for business. In my town, craft beer bars open frequently and lots of fun, educated, and well traveled people want to enjoy the new scene. Its fun to visit any venue or find opportunities to talk to new people. It opens our hearts and minds to accepting more people, enjoying others experiences, and maybe finding new business connections.

10> Find Your Spirituality

Religion is not dead and people say they love God, but do we see the connection between ourselves and everything else. The amount of negative emotions, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and hostility in the world indicates we don’t see our connectivity. I love to surf, ride my road bike, hike, eat healthy, and find my gratitude. Loving that we are here often leads to having empathy for other people that are here. Technology is working to improve the world and we should find the reason we could contribute to make our lives and those of others more joyful.

11> Schedule an Hour of Creativity a Day

We come back to that time thing again. This is an opportunity to focus on what is important. Now that machines are set to take over our jobs, business is looking for problem solvers and creative types more than just college degrees. Problem solving, innovation, and dream fulfillment become the human traits that can compete against machines. We have to learn how to get into the creative mode. We have to learn how to make customer experience better. Learning to be creative is not just folly and crayon play. It is perhaps the actualization of our most important strength.

12> Learn and Move Constantly

The body and brain are monitoring what we do every day. When they sense we are no longer growing they begin to trigger the shut down effect, dying. Anat Banier in the 9 ..of Vitality expresses that Mother Nature expects man to be learning new movements and seeking new challenges to live at full vitality. Who doesn’t want more energy to achieve their goals? Who doesn’t want a ¬†quality of life into their 80’s. As Younger and Hodge say in “Younger Next Year”, age is functional not chronological.

What Happens with Radical Changes to Your Life

These 12 radical ways to change your life create a new mental, physical, spiritual you. The deeper we get to understand what we love and what we value, the more effect it has on how we see our purpose. Our passions begin to bubble to the surface and replace the thoughts and duties to which we felt prisoner.

Its fun to ask a nomadic traveler what made them do it? And what is the result? Live is an adventure to be consumed and enjoyed. We become prisoners to habits and the perspective we can’t be any different. Not so. We can all be nomadic travelers without necessarily leaving our location.

What most of us desire is a quality of life, fulfill our expectations and to have fun. If we keep challenging ourselves to be better, we will find life is living up to our expectations. Make as many of these 12 radical changes over time as you can execute and observe your vision of the possible begin to change.