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Mark Kaplan, writer, speaker

I enjoy writing. My first blogs several years ago were about health, fitness, and spirituality.

I had found that connecting with my body through nutrition and exercise led to a feeling of gratitude. Out of this feeling of gratitude I wanted to help others feel better. I blogged for years to help others find a path to feeling great by connecting with their bodies and Nature.

This has evolved to bigger subjects. I have become interested in how we face technological change, how we find our creativity, and how we find our personal contribution to the bigger picture.

Along the way, I have been building websites and a surfing business. The business grew because Google liked my content and promoted me for surf lessons in my beach side town

My life style writing is not about the things we can buy, but the quality of life we can enjoy.  We find our interests that become passions. We develop our passions to discover who we are and why we are here. I hope you will follow along with me as we explore making our lives meaningful and fulfilling our dreams.