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Change doesn’t just cause us difficulties because of how it effects our circumstances, we often can’t change to help our circumstances. We see change coming and often feel trapped that we can’t be more flexible. 

There are many ways we could improve our lives and our opportunities.

Change involves:

  • risk
  • challenge, and
  • fear

How we address these three attributes decides whether we move forward or stay the same. I might even say stagnate. Is there anything in Nature that you know that doesn’t change continuously? Even rock erodes. And as a metaphor, if we stay solid as a rock in our status quo, we are eroding and decaying.

Our brain thrives on challenge. That is how we have managed to survive. Our bodies thrive with movement. That is how we flush toxins. Our spirit soars with adventure. That is what makes life exciting. If we want to thrive, we have to move forward, make progress, and take risks.

The best tool for personal progress is tie ourselves to our passions. Passions see us through the obstacles. When passion is in control, obstacles are a bump. Risk is worth the consequences. Fear is just something that tags along.

Passions lead to mastery and flow. Mastery is learning a skill or accumulating knowledge to a point of competence. Once we reach a degree of competence, engaging takes us to flow. In flow, we engage without distraction and find our peak performances. The brain loves flow and pumps a stream of dopamine to make us happy and epinephrine to sustain the state of engagement.

The most difficult step is the first one. Our imagination pictures us not succeeding. Our mind warns us that we are not worthy. Our emotions tell us we do not like suffering. Our consciousness brings up past failures. Our personality wants us to remain safely in the status quo. So many walls to get to the promised land,

The truth is once we become adventurers and see that all the above is not true, we can’t get enough risk, challenge and fear. Making that first effort leads us to the potential that more effort would deliver. We see the possibilities as we over come the fears and start developing competence. Like with the people I used to urge to jog with me, they had to get through the first week. Then they became joggers and runners for life.

That is the same as developing a love for risk, challenge, and fear. You won’t pursue anything that doesn’t include our three friends because anything else is total boredom.

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