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The world is changing dramatically in so many ways. The economic system some would argue, is moving past capitalism. As we enter the sharing of post capitalism we find that people and sites offer their information for free. 

This is how we break capitalism down. Traditional organizations make a profit by maintaining their information, products, or services with monopolistic patents, licensing, or processes. What occurs when people share on the internet through platforms, forums, software, or websites is information gets exchanged. Anyone can access the expertise that many self evolved experts are willing to share.

In this era, we know innovation rules. What happens when experts share openly is that everyone advances faster. This is why traditional organizations are having difficulty keeping up with small organizations as startups. Information is incubated at Universities and in people’s own living rooms that can be shared as collaboration with other interested parties.

The secret in creating your personal security in this new economic era is for everyone is to become a contributor. We have to access our own interests and capabilities and find a niche even if it is employment. Big organizations are converting so many processes. They employ new software, robots and machines to replace labor. They outsource everything from manufacturing to law and accounting.

The world is transitioning to the mode where we offer up our expertise for employment as contractors even if we find ourselves employed by an organization. Because change is occurring so rapidly, we can’t depend on today’s skills being valuable tomorrow. We have to think in the larger picture. What are we doing that is valuable and how can we extend our audience whether it be online customers or more employers?

In this sharing economy which is post capitalistic in many regards, we offer up our expertise, often for free. If people like what we do, they will often pay for more. As we develop our interests into passions and improve our contribution as we become masters, the world of opportunity opens.

The connectivity available with 5 billion devices allows anyone to find the specific need they have for instruction, products, services, and information. Access to everyone is difficult but offering expert information attracts your audience. We can each become a niche of energy, information, and instruction when we optimize our capabilities

In my newest book, just revised, How We Rise Above Change, I discuss in more detail how we access our same capabilities that are used by extreme athletes and successful business people. (see it on the home page).

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