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My books talk about the fact that humans have greater capability than machines to move us forward. We create the machines. We create them to complete tasks faster than humans. That is the main point of machines. Think faster with their resources than man can think with his.

Man’s advantage is that his brain utilizes intellect, emotion, intuition, and Universal Intelligence to access epiphanies, revelations, and breakthroughs. We are born problem solvers. Our advancement over other species was heralded by the fact we could focus on an issue and start observing connections between phenomena and events. We could connect some dots.

Not everyone is motivated to utilize their ability to focus and solve problems. Highly educated students are trained to evaluate and solve. This is one of the reasons so many Universities are incubators for these students startups. They look at the world and see how something could be different. They push their knowledge to the point  they get revelations about what might be possible.

This is how any of us can find our own limitless potential. We pursue things that interest us. We master the skills or knowledge that is required. We get into flow states when we engage and are not distracted. We sail past what we have already accomplished. We start identifying with our passions as our purpose for being here. We find out who we are.

I began my journey with health and nutrition. When I discovered the wonder of the human body and how we could lead it to feeling and performing great, I developed gratitude. It opened my eyes to what we should be enjoying while we are here and the unity of all things. When you see that all things are connected, you realize your purpose is to contribute to the whole.

We are all connected in many ways. On the level of physics the most basic elements, photons, thrive on helping us energize and share information. That is our nature. Electromagnetic waves that flow through all things carry energy and information. We know in Nature that chaos and disruption are the physical interactions of everything connecting and influencing outcomes.

If you look at our total civilization, you can see the effect of individuals and nations acting on their own but influencing our progress or destruction. Each of us can influence the whole by maximizing our own being. We create the optimum physical presence, we use our vitality to think creatively. We engage in our interests toward mastery. We contribute our efforts to help others lead the lives they desire.

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