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Creating the life we want is selecting the priorities that make us feel fulfilled and then modifying our behaviors and goals to focus on those priorities

Time is Short and Then it Gets Shorter

We  have a few days on earth (75,000 or so) but time seems to fly. We spend our early years fulfilling everyone’s expectations of us and trying to figure out who we are in the process. We can’t wait to get free of the controls to express ourselves.  Then we find the real world isn’t necessarily so nurturing as our mentors of the early years.

We have ambitions to have a great life. We aren’t always sure what that means. At first we think its partying. Then we think having lots of money would sure grease the wheel. Millennials are shedding their ambitions to own and are looking for experiences. They may be looking to live lives they can post on Face Book; here’s what I am having for lunch, this is where I am traveling, these are my kids.

At some point we may think we don’t know the secret. We have tried a lot of things and now we are stuck in our current situation. I have run the gamut. I have partied and I have worked hard and had two children and two cars in the garage. At one point, I had a lot of money and bought some serious toys. I was always looking for the external rewards to make my internal peace.

At a point late in my career, I stumbled on some secrets. As Steven Covey says, we have to build from the internal to the external. I started focusing more on my nutrition and exercise. I lost 50 pounds. I started to feel great and wanted others to feel the same. I created websites and blogged about health, fitness and spirituality.

I started to realize that feeling great and contributing without first thinking of what the world was going to give me in return took me down a happier path. Then I started thinking only about contributing as an extension of my own interests. What could I master and pass on? I started blogging about the fun of surfing which I enjoyed in my new beach residence. Google promoted me to the top of surf lessons in my area and I began a business.

I love to write and have engaged in writing books. I am selling the surf books and a few of my more recent Limitless books. Life turned the corner as I took on this new perspective. Master skills in what I love and share. This is really how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is leaving capitalism behind. Traditional businesses have to have a monopoly on information or products to make a profit. Everyone else is giving things away or connecting directly with people

The internet has created a world of connection. What we have learned is that the smallest niche of interest can find an audience. You don’t have to be an internet wizard. If you are good at something, there is probably a coop or network that would promote you. In this new era, people often begin by giving away their expertise for free. If people like what you have, they will pay you for more.

Specialists are thriving as we battle the machines. As robots start to work cash registers, practice law, perform surgery, and drive our cars, there needs to be a place where humans can find their place. This venture begins with discovering what and who you are. Find your connection to Nature through your mind, body, and spirit. Find out who you are by expressing your talents as you learn and share your expertise.

This is how we were meant to live. We are independents but also connected to communities. We thrive when we optimize our vitality and our contribution.

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