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The boomers grew up in a world when the biggest corporations created all the innovations. Nothing was going to change unless someone like General Motors or Ma Bell created and offered something new to the public. The internet has changed all that. Individuals can now create change faster than traditional organizations. Individuals are often leading change. We each can lead change.

The structure of top down organizations has been found to limit their progress. They are now often trying to get smaller and more agile. Nothing is as agile as individual with a good idea, nice product, interesting opinion, new service, new perspective, or insightful observation. 5 billion devices can be reached to express any of these. We no longer have to utilize mass advertising to reach the average consumer.

The future of work looks like individuals developing niche talents and offering them to employers, customers, peers, or followers. The current status of developing ideas into change is sharing them on platforms or networks and inviting others to participate, collaborate, or utilize. We can all be innovation engines. Now traditional business has to have a monopoly on ideas to make money because the world is full of free information.

What do you love? And the important question is are you willing to become an expert? The topic can be anything. The beauty of the internet is it created the long tail. That means any idea or product can find a specific audience. If someone is looking for a rare tropical fish, someone else is probably breeding them. Women in small huts in Indonesia make dresses that find their way to big exchanges where someone else has attracted a market for them.

When I moved to the beach, I engaged in lots of recreations including surfing. I started posting about surfing on a website. Soon Google had me at the top of the page for teaching in Oceanside. I began my surf lesson business from posting on the internet. Today Google is still my partner as people come for vacation and Google points them to me.

Any interest can find an audience. You have to develop to mastery to stand out among the competition. With billions of people coming online to express their interests, the best will rise to the top. The new formula is often to give away your expertise for free. If people like what you say, they will pay to learn more from you. This is why it is more difficult for business to profit without a monopoly, patent, or licensing. There are so many of us teaching others how to improve their lives without cost.

You can make a contribution. Develop your interests. Interests are developed easiest when they are passions. Passions have no limits. We engage in passions because the engagement is the reward. The fact that along the way, people follow or buy things from us is just one of the rewards. Finding our purpose and knowing why we are here is the big gold ring.

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