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There are few words describing our lives and work used more than change. 150 years ago change moved at the pace of a snail. You could see it coming. Now there are so many forces interacting, you can’t see it coming. It seems to form like a rogue wave and all of a sudden you are over whelmed by something you didn’t expect.

We know we can’t stop or slow change, so we have to get in front of it. Whereas we think change is being caused by machines, we have to realize change is caused by individuals. Change is the result of individuals applying their knowledge born of research and focus to learn something new. We can all do that. We can become centers of expertise or mastery that teach or lead others.

Change doesn’t eliminate possibilities, it increases them. We¬†know smart phones have reduced the number of land lines and everyone employed maintaining them, but smart phones have opened an entirely new world of communications and sharing expanding the number of telephone users. The pressures of change not only reform the work force, change creates new needs for how we want to live our lives and what we expect.

This opens unlimited opportunity to serve others in meeting their needs and expectations. The potential accelerates as we become more capable from advances. Whereas the change is destroying traditional jobs, it opens the opportunity to serve those leading change and those that are victims. Those leading change need services to support their new environment. Those that are victims need to be retrained and perhaps become independent contractors.

Thriving in change necessitates we become agents of change ourselves. We need to build our optimum vitality, develop interests, pursue passions, and learn to be creative. These are the qualities that help us stay ahead of machines. We like others on the internet leading change become change agents.

I first connected to what I am through health. I improved my nutrition and exercise becoming more fit. I gained appreciation for how great we can feel accessing what Nature provides. In feeling gratitude, I felt the desire to contribute so that others could improve their lives. i began writing about health, fitness, and spirituality. As I developed skills with websites and Search Engine Optimization, I also created a surfing business that offers lessons and digital products. I broadened my interest of how people are living their lives and began writing books which is the Limitless series.

We can each become a center of energy and learning. We develop interests and pursue mastery. In the process of developing mastery the potential of how we can contribute begins to reveal itself. We are expressing who we are and feel a sense of purpose. A drive for purpose is a powerful engine that will open a world of opportunity.

There is no reason to get left behind. We can align with our energies and capabilities and become leaders of change.

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