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It is very easy to become acclimated to our conditions in life. We are often hoping other people or situations will make our situation better as opposed to taking the lead. What I am saying is that we show up for work every day and apply ourselves, but we might not be growing in this process.

Positive change often requires positive growth. Yes, circumstances may lift us with all boats, but do we want to rely on that? If we are going to live purposeful lives and find reason for being here, we might need to strike a more aggressive posture. It doesn’t have to be difficult. I started with my own health. I pursued nutrition and exercise to feel better. The energy made me appreciate that feeling better is available with natural food and real exercise.

Feeling better made me grateful that I could create this myself within a natural environment. I developed the desire to help others improve their health. Greater vitality can lead to gratitude and a desire to contribute. With health and gratitude I found creativity was the next step. Creativity results from focus and engagement to improve skills and knowledge.

When we have more energy built on positive behaviors, we find our contribution can be more fruitful. I began with posting on health, fitness, and spirituality. As my interest in surfing grew, I began to give away information to others on how to begin. Google liked my work and growing audience and promoted my website to the first page for local surf lessons. My gratuitous information led to a nice business.

As we develop our body, mind and spirit we start seeing a more clear path to our self-actualization. We build our skills in our interests. Working on other people’s agendas can often leave us frustrated and fearful. Taking charge of our life opens the door to feeling independent and secure regardless of the surrounding circumstances. In all deteriorating circumstances, there are always rising stars. Nature works in chaos and disruption and so does life and our economies.

The challenge our brain and body desires comes from fueling positive growth and our perspective that we can make a greater contribution when we have taken control of our own abilities to grow. We should seek challenge and risk to improve who we are and what we create. Finding our limits is what makes life exciting. We don’t have to live┬átelling people we are stuck in the “same old,same old”.

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