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We only have one life. It would be great at the end if everyone could say they gave it everything they had. They are satisfied it was a worthwhile life.

One of the common complaints hospice workers find when people are ready to expire is that people had regrets. Most of the time they feel they didn’t love enough nor did the things they loved. It seems like a pretty easy correction to make. We have free will. The main obstacle we often face is a mind that wants to sabotage what could be best for us.

We could look at some of the facts. People who are most accomplished seem to have growth mind sets. They learn because they have an interest in improving. When you learn to improve you are more likely to take set backs as an indication there is more to learn. People with fixed mind sets often bolt with the first set backs or feelings they will not succeed.

it is hard to find the leader in any endeavor that is not passionate about their activities. The beauty of passion is it takes us through the process of mastery. Mastery is a state of competence. When we engage in activities for which we have competence and can eliminate distractions, we enter a state of “flow”. In this state, the brain produces dopamine and norepinephrine. These are happy chemicals that reward us for taking risk, facing challenge, and induce us to return for more.

Flow is also the state of peak performance. Extreme athletes have to find flow to stay alive. As workers, musicians, artists, professionals, and every other endeavor, we find flow is a state of creativity. It connects our full brain, intuition, and subconscious with a Universal Intelligence often responsible for our revelations and epiphanies.

If we want to have fulfilling lives, we want to be in flow on a daily basis. We want to wake up excited about engaging. We want to experience continuous improvement. We want to feel we are living a life of purpose. We want to feel that our engagement contributes to the betterment of the whole. Passion is the love we feel for the engagement that takes us through all obstacles.

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