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The Limitless Self Series
How We Rise Above Change (2016)
The Surfers Life- Fun, Achievement, Spirituality (2016)

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Table of Contents
Introduction 5
We Can Face Change Collectively 6
Assessing Our Capabilities 10
Learning to Contribute 12
Defining Our Commitment 14
Creating Our Productive Environment 16
Realizing Our Power 17
What and Who Are We 21
Our Role 25
Finding Our Purpose 30
Intrinsic Motivation 32
Down to the Basics 36
Energizing Growth at Any Age 39
Building Our Base 41
Let’s Rev It Up 45
How Do We Begin 52
Diet 53
Exercise 64
Creativity 70
Gratitude 75
Connectivity 81
Flow 85
Final Thoughts on Pain and Flow 98
Unity 104
About the Author

We are often intimidated by the advent of technology
because it is super human. It is designed to be more
efficient than humans as it works faster, makes fewer
errors, doesn’t need coffee breaks, doesn’t take
vacations and can work around the clock.

But we are learning how humans can be much more
effective by accessing their own natural behaviors.
Extreme athletes are exemplary leaders of the new
frontier as they combine learning, practice, mastery,
and flow to accomplish the impossible. Their
techniques can be included in our own daily lives to
achieve higher levels of performance, fulfillment,
connection, and purpose.

There is a path being blazed on how we can have a
life better than we ever dreamed. I am not talking just
about more money, but a more dynamic life utilizing
our personal resources to find greater achievement,
creativity, and happiness.


We Can Face Change Collectively

In Mark and Chan Zuckerberg’s letter to their
daughter, they said their purpose is to find man’s
potential. In reaching his potential, man brings
everyone along as he extends learning, eradicates
poverty, increases global health, increases
connectivity, and explores the limits of his capabilities.

We need to excel in bringing our visions to fruition.
This is the province of humans. The challenges we
face are just beginning. We can each participate in
making lives better. The first step we must each make
is recognizing our humaneness and our uniqueness
and then developing both. Humaneness is not just
being kind, it is recognizing the powers of our organic
personal genome.

I find in my creative time in the mornings and all
during the day, I am building health through nutrition
and exercise. I include relaxation to recharge my
enthusiasm. I recognize my connection to Nature
through personal time in the outdoors. I find my place
as both a creature of Nature and a part of mankind.
In physics, each individual particle is committed to
maximizing energy and sharing information. In our
bodies, molecules resonate at a certain vibration to
accomplish the task of making us spectacular.


In this world, as modeled by physics we are all here to
contribute to the whole. I build my own vitality so that I
can create relevant contributions. Maximizing my
humanness is Nature’s seduction. Everyone rising
together is Nature’s design.

In “The Power of Pull”, John Seeley shows how
individuals on the edge sharing their passions and
exchanging their information on internet platforms are
creating the disruptive innovations that are making
traditional corporations tremble. Individuals coming
together to share information or connect directly is the
fastest way to learn and scale.

The world works on information in this age and
technology is vested in accumulating and distributing
it faster. Like physics particles, everyone is a beacon
of information and we can share what we know.
The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing at
an exponential rate. Google is one of the tech leaders
utilizing computers that are engaged in deep learning.
In deep learning, computers teach computers.
Computers feed a computer endless data until the
computer has enough information to start making its
own decisions and judgements.

“After a half-decade of quiet breakthroughs in artificial
intelligence, 2015 has been a landmark year.
Computers are smarter and learning faster than ever.”
Jack Clark, Bloomberg


As Cal Newport and Keven Bennet say, humans must
go deep to find themselves, engage in focused work,
find their creativity, and create innovative ideas. This
is how we separate ourselves from the machine. This
is where we find our security. This is how we rise
above change.

We are also transitioning into what Klaus Schwab,
Chairman of the World Economic Forum in 2015,
called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The changes
created by computerization and digitalization may
pale compared to what’s coming.

He says: “New technologies and approaches are
merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds in
ways that will fundamentally transform humankind.
The extent to which that transformation is positive will
depend on how we navigate the risks and
opportunities that arise along the way.”

The point is not to be terrorized of change but to
anticipate and prepare for it. Better yet, we can
welcome change because we can lead it.
These days, meaningful work can begin in our living
rooms and we can connect with a world that shares
our interests.


In a four-step process:
• We have to get connected to who we are and
discover the resources each of us could utilize
to contribute.
• We have to create or work on something
valuable that would change lives, even if it
starts with one life.
• Our intentions have to focus on the larger
audience of possible benefactors and not just
on our personal needs.
• Our personal security will increase as we
become our own niche of energy, information,
and contribution.

The internet has allowed individuals to lead change.
Individuals share their information and interests and
passions on forums and networks. They accelerate
learning because they openly share and contribute.
Free software platforms like Wikipedia, Linux, and
Audacity show how individuals with an interest in
contributing create great benefits for others.

We can all lead change in our own way. We have
interests. We pursue more information or skills
developing toward mastery. We share as we go
finding peers and creating followers. We become a
center of growth. Because we are connecting with
humans, we are outside the realm of machines.


Everything can scale quicker when we connect as
humans like Face Book, AirBNB, Uber, SnapChat,
and Amazon. What we have to share can reach
millions of devices, networks and forums.

Winning against the machine calls for us to utilize the
capabilities of being human. We access our vitality,
focus on interests, develop mastery, and share it with
others. This in a sense is how artificial intelligence
works. It utilizes its resources to solve problems and
create new data.

Humans can utilize their resources to create new
paths for both machines and living our lives. As we
are overwhelmed with the progress of technology, we
dive into the capabilities for growth we were gifted as

“Technologies can create the vision of a future with
fewer humans, which we’ll call the “end of work”
argument…we are entering a new phase in world
history—one in which fewer and fewer workers will be
needed to produce the goods and services for the
global population.” Erick Brynjolfsson and Andrew
McAfee in “Race Against The Machine”


Accessing Our Capabilities

We love machines, software, and apps for what can
be accomplished and the ease in which many tasks
are now handled. As we bask in our new capabilities
we are also leery about how increased efficiency and
apps can replace us as workers. Machines which
have replaced repetitive tasks are now learning on the
fly. Machines can now be our attorneys, accountants
and surgeons.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there will be a
larger convergence of technologies that will make
economies more capable and productive. GDP will
rise, but there will be fewer humans participating. It
does not appear magically on a Monday. It is already
flowing through everything and creating change in
ways we might not see. The important thing is that we
not wait until the transformation is obvious before
adjusting our own perspective.

Humans have a supernatural ability to utilize
Universal Intelligence (UI). In a state of unity called
flow, we can exceed our previous performances. As
Steven Kotler says in The Rise of Superman, flow is a
creativity machine. It links us to our subconscious or
the world of Universal intelligence.


This Universal intelligence is often experienced as
revelations, epiphanies, and breakthroughs. Athletes
find it on the fly as they suddenly create moves they
have never practiced. We find these connections
most frequently when we dive into mastery.

In our daily lives, we can create behaviors that lead to
flow and continuously improve our contribution as
though we also had artificial intelligence. Universal
intelligence can be greater than artificial intelligence in
solving problems and creating ways to use new
technologies. Our creativity can address issues of
how we live more fulfilling lives.

So as technology uses deep learning neural
intelligence where machines teach machines, humans
use learning, focus, intuition, and mastery to also find
information that is relevant to our evolution.
Humans engaged in their own focused deep learning
which often leads to flow are having millions of
revelations and epiphanies on a daily basis. These
breakthroughs are expressed in our personal
advancements, in startups, and internet networks to
name a few.

Einstein continuously alluded to the power of human
drive and intelligence. Advances such as the Theory
of Relativity were plucked out of that state of
Universal Intelligence through the subconscious.
Innumerable artists, scientists, poets, and musicians
will reference how breakthrough ideas or entire works
just popped into their heads.


We first invest in the work of learning everything we
can about our interests and then let the subconscious,
intuition, and forces not yet totally understood work on
our behalf to create the organization of our thoughts
into remarkable solutions.

Stepping up our game to achieve more in pursuing
our passions is how we match the contributions of
machines and software in realms they can’t reach.
We will be striving for new goals other than how we
process paperwork and fill orders faster.

Revisiting first what we are, humans can step up their
health, vitality, and performance to lead change. In
the process of improving what we are, we can find
direction and discover who we are.

Learning to Contribute

Developing our potential and not just training to be
employed maybe the most important focus for our
future as humans.

Education needs to refocus on creating generations of
learners, not just people with degrees. If it is us
against the machine, we better bring it; and we are.
Humans are reaching new frontiers as scientists help
us dig deep and reach out to discover our capabilities.


Extreme athletes push the envelope as they risk
death to find feelings of unity. Why would humans
train to develop their skills to the point of mastery and
then seek death defying events to experience
feelings? A great question we should consider for our
own lives.

What is it we want to feel at the end of the day? At the
beginning of the day? During the day? How do we get
to the point we can’t wait to begin in the mornings,
love our activities all day, and feel at night we have
found who we are and why we are here?

This is how extreme athletes as chronicled in Steven
Kotler’s “The Rise of Superman” are an exemplary
group leading the way to develop human potential. In
their learning, mastering, engagement, and sharing,
they have found a path we could all follow without the
need to risk our mortality.

Extreme athletes live thrilling lives because they push
the envelope of their own capabilities through risk and
challenge. The fact that their engagement is death
defying just happens to be the work in which they
engage. We could find the same feelings, with a little
less mortality risk in our own pursuits.

We need to develop the courage to
• face our fears,
• risk judgment, and see
• contribution as a worthwhile goal


In this transition, we transform our uniqueness into
self-expression and we master skills to share, teach,
or lead others. This is a path to mastery and the flow
experienced by extreme athletes that makes the
changing world around us a phenomenon and not a
threat. In this book, we engage in the discussion of
how we each become a powerful force that has
purpose, finds joy and contributes to the whole.

Defining Our Commitment
“So we agree with the end-of-work crowd that
computerization is bringing deep changes, but we’re
not as pessimistic as they are. We don’t believe in the
coming obsolescence of all human workers. In fact,
some human skills are more valuable than ever, even
in an age of incredibly powerful and capable digital
technologies…Eric Brynjolfsson “Race Against the

If you observe the advancements we are making in all
fields of commerce and living arts, you will see
individuals expressing out of their passions to make
the whole better.

Influencing our world does not have to be left to the
few and the elite we may call the 1%. In Postcapitalistic
world, sharing is the disrupter to the
established order. Traditional organizations find they
have to have a monopoly on information or processes
to make a profit. They fear the ubiquity of free
information we willingly provide.

This has been an excerpt of the book.

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