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The influence of uncertainty on our lives is causing a disturbance of the patterns many people would like to follow. The changes we encounter are not always the fun encounters we might plan if we had a choice. As Chris Guillebeau said in The Happiness of Pursuit:

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

The Changes We Are Experiencing Are Often Unpredictable

Most of us are probably trying to build a personal defense around the unimaginable change that keeps rocking the globe. Times seem to be in more turmoil and even long term sustainability issues than I can imagine man ever faced. The division of the classes is certainly at the core of most of our anxiety. Technology is taking jobs, making competition more fierce, and obsoleting more skills.

The division of the classes and global turmoil caused by war in foreign lands is dividing countries internally. We are facing the populists vs the liberals in deciding almost everything about our lives. It is more difficult to enjoy a peaceful mind when there is uncertainty about everything important to us financially, healthcare , environment, and peace.

Building Our Resilience Through Adding New Skills

How do we get our bearings? Personally, my habits of growing from the inside out as recommended by Stephen Covey have greater relevance for me. I concentrate on my personal health and fitness. This grounds me. I focus on building skills I can apply to my passions. I teach surfing, but build audience through blogging, website management, and social media. I have longer term plans to travel extensively and so I am saving, learning, and planning.

The necessary skill sets for survival are changing in many industries. As the robots take control in more industries, the need for human interaction skills and services are rising in demand. Most of us independents have realized there is less value in writing books and more value in creating “How to” courses. People can’t go back to University, afford University, or even learn in University what is relevant to today’s demands. Consequently, more people are interested in learning specific skills from experienced tutors.

Countering the Influence of Uncertainty on Our Lives

Skill training and knowledge gathering might be the fastest paths to survival and thriving. If you want to lead the curve, you might think of developing expertise you can share. As more people are obsolesced and underemployed, the need for in demand relevant training becomes more important. I personally am taking three courses, two of which are free. These courses along with online free apps and training are the way entrepreneurs these days are gaining independence.

Pursuing and Mastering Skills is a Road Through Uncertainty

In one course, the “teach” jokes that if you have to take a course, you’ll never do get anywhere. He brags that he and his compatriots have all jumped in and learned what is necessary. I have jumped in a lot, and the difficulty of learning all the skills for having internet presence or marketing your ideas, books, products, services, is high. The landscape changes every year and new social media sites gain attention at each season. Just when you mastered Craig’s List, Offer Up becomes the new thing. Just when you mastered Face Book, Face Book reduces organic reach.

Just when I mastered organic marketing by blogging and content creation, Google minimizes the effectiveness of organic content. Content is more valuable now for proving your expertise once you have drawn them to your site. So in effect two things changed: The ability to attract with organic marketing and the increased importance of content to establish you. Sort of crazy. So you need the credibility, but you also need new skills to pull in the audience.

The influence of uncertainty on our lives is often reversed from proactive strategies and following our passions.


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