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There are so many opinions of what health is that a true definition is difficult to find. One can look at the statistics for America’s population and see that over the generations we are becoming less healthy even through medical advances and soaring health care costs. 

Health care treats the symptoms and not the causes. Doctors say they run tests to ensure people don’t have specific diseases and rarely consult with patients on life style. Doctors were not trained in medical school to instruct patients on how they should create good health. Doctors diagnose and prescribe.

One statistic that is noteworthy is that obesity will outpace heart health as a leading cause of disease by 2019. Up to 65% of Americans are obese. Obesity usually results from eating foods that have little nutritional value and are then encapsulated in the fat of the body. When I recently went on a low inflammation diet and was drinking lots of water, I was losing up to two pounds a day.

In the book The Plan, by Lyn-Genet Recitas she provides the dietary basics for finding a low inflammatory diet and then guides readers on adding more foods to test inflammation of those new food items. The tricky part of inflammation is each one of us is different. The gut bacteria decides which foods it likes and each of us has gut bacteria.

Getting lean and building heart health are two great objectives for feeling better, building immunity to sickness and disease, and improving longevity. Exercise is the best way to build heart health. In his book Thrive Fitness 2, Brendan Brazier, Ultimate Iron Man Marathoner, discusses how exercise lowers the average heartbeat rate which allows the heart to beat fewer times in a day. Aerobic exercise builds the heart rate beat in the short term and lowers it in the long term.

There are great reasons to follow a plant based diet. You will be eating natural foods that the body digests. You will be avoiding processed foods that are inflammatory. You will get more energy from what you eat. Processed foods can actually require more energy to digest than they deliver, making you tired. This is a reason people resort to coffee, cigarettes, sugar, and energy drinks.

I will be exploring these items in greater depth in my upcoming Limitless book How to Lose 50 Pounds. In the meantime, if you would like to get your vitality humming and use it to improve your creativity, gratitude, and contribution. I suggest you read my recent book How We Rise Above Change.

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